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   Fujian Lion Motor Co., Ltd was originally founded in July, 2004. It is located in Banzhong Industrial Zone of Fuan city, Fujian province, where it is called the Small Motor City of China. Our company is a professional  manufacturer and supplier of …...

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Why choose Lion Motor

High-efficiency & Energy saving

Our products have received the honor title“Energy star product”, which was authorized by MIIT and also gained the national low carbon certification.
We sell various high-efficient motors, including high voltage model, low voltage model, NEMA premium series, Japanese model and IE2, IE3 and IE4 one.
Our products were selected into “Energy-Saving High-Efficiency Motor Products For People-Benefit Project”, which give our company its competitive edge.

Various types and specifications

We are “the supermarket of motors”, and we can provide you a one-stop shopping experience. Our motors are divided into 10 types, covering more than 50 series and thousands of models, deriving more than 30 thousand products.
We are the only motor manufacturer in China that produce motors of IEC standard, NEMA standard and Japanese standard in batch.

High-quality & High-reliability

Stable performance and operation
Nearly zero maintenance problem
Low noise and small vibration
Good starting performance and high starting torque
Low operating temperature and long service life
Failure rate less than 0.5%

High cost performance

First-rate quality, state-set price
Patent design, compact structure, attractive appearance
Good applicability, great generality, easy operation and maintenance

Standard authentication & Quality assurance

Scientific quality, authoritative authentication security
Our products are approved by CCC, CE, CSA, UL, Rohs and REACH.certification
Professional equipment plus patent design make qualified products and satisfied feedback.

Professional solution & High-end customization

Having 60 years industry experience and a team of international leading experts, we are more professional, more convenient and faster.
We can customize motors in special property or non-structure and provide you a complete set of solution.
We can guarantee you good R&D, quality, order delivery and after-sales service for our service has seriously inspected by many clients and third factories.

Trusted brand

Trusted brandFocus on industry for decades Big brand, you are worth to choose!

    in 2014 2015, has for the Guangdong glass ceramics factory, Guangdong, Guangdong generation fiber company with Tungtex companies, Guangdong wanshunfa air-conditioning engineering company, Shanxi Acer construction engineering company, Guangxi titanium dioxide company, Guangxi Hengfeng fertilizer, Guangxi Yunrong industry hundreds of large enterprises equipment service of energy-saving motor, the successful success and was unanimously praised by users.

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