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  Human resources Interview guide

‐Ways of the job interview/
Ways are as follows:
1、Recruitment Online
(1) Our Website Recruitment:you can press the "Job Needed",send us the resume online,please remember to leave your contact details;
(2) Some Relevant Websites:you can enter,,or for sending resumes to us,please remember to leave your contact details;
2、E-mail Recruitment
Send your personal resume to our HR Department by E-mail,the theme of your E-mail shall be like this "I want to look for ...."
Our E-mail is:
3、Letters Recruitment
Please write which position on your resume and write your E-mail address and Mobile.Our address :Human Resources  Department,FUAN LION MOTOR CO.,LTD ,Banzhong Industrial Estate,Fuan city,Fujian ,China.
Zip code355000
Human Resources Department Mobile:

1、Advise you to use "Job Needed" to email your resume ,upload your personal information(such as your resume ,photos ,relevant certificates etc.) and it can make sure your information can be stored in our database for a long time.
2、Be sure your E-mail and your contact details can be available for a long time.
3、Rember to write out the position you want in your resume.
4、When you are asked for interviewing ,please remember to take one-inch photo, 4 inches daily photos ,ID, the original and copy of  Degree certificate and other certificate.
5、You had better not come to our factory for a visit and better call us if you are not asked for interviewing.

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