Same motors,not the same quality feeling;What Lion Motor provide for you is real high-efficiency and 0 breakdown ones.
¡¡ Human resources Platform

Our View of talent
We hold on people-oriented management philosophy,stress that talent is the core resources of our company and think only when we balance the Human ecology (such as leaders and staffs,workmates and
workmates,contribution and performance,performance and return,companies and companies,companies and customers,companies and administrative departmentetc.) can we make good use of join forces between individual and team to the maximum.
 We are agree of the principal of 500 outweights 5000,hiring the good and suitable staffs.Try what we can to give paltform to show his abilities and develop themselves for personal career.Besides,we can also provide good working and living conditions for our staffs.

Personal development
Those who stand high and aim far can be provided for a much wider space£¡
In the aspect of Outer Occupation career development:
   A Wide Platform for Transverse development :Staffs can apply for different postitions for personal development,combing their intersts with the Company's need.It will help to enrich their working experience and become better and better.
   Huge Promotion Space for Vertical development:with the development of our company ,many postions will come into being ,thus,it will give huge promotion space for our staffs.Unlike some companies,you can only wait for certain position,or your promotion will be a problem.
    Flexible ways for career development:2 ways can be provided by us ,the one is followd by your major background,the other is followed by the management area.
In the aspect of Inner Occupation career development:
You can work with some senior experts teams and world-wide ,top teams .Besides,you can also communicate with them and develope your theoretical and practical level. 

Salary:In order to realize the goal of appealing the talent,keeping the talent and motivating talent,our measures are as follows.
——Assisting on Medical Insurance ,Endowment Insurance,Inductrial Injury Insurance ,Bearing Insurance and so on.
——Besides the legal festivals,we still provide annual leave ,leaving leave and motivation leave for our staffs.
——Provide working lunch and subsity for high temperature for our staffs .What's more,
we still give some Transportation and communication allowance to some excellent managers
.——Give some learning resources to our staffs and help them improve themselves.
 ——Give some irregular activities and out of investigation choices.

Working Conditions
Guided by the benevolence thought ,we have tried what we can for these years to develop the harmonious and happy working atmosphere. At the same time,we have developed a mature authorization mechanism and supervision mechanism to ensure staff  at all levels can work best in our organization. As a big team,although we are from different places and different cultures and backgrounds,we work well with each other and keep a high stadility and loyalty.Many workmates worked with our boss when he was beginning his career,growing up while our company is growing up.Even, some workmates left our company for some years but found our company was how good it was and chose to come back.Besides,some workmates was public officials . They wanted to pursuit of personal value,joining in LION MOTOR and giving up" iron rice bowl"

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